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February 20, 2008



Sure am glad you had a good time. I can image the exhilaration that you must have felt just to have made eye contact with him & to have him speak to you. One of those days you won't soon forget. Congrats on the autograph!!!


I have to say this is the most exciting election since Kennedy ran for President.

I'm all for Obama winning the Democratic ticket. I'm also impressed he took the time to sign your book.

Reagan Pugh

Nice! I'm so jealous that I missed it. Ted Kennedy and Lloyd Doggett are at Texas State today rallying support for him and I'm sorry to have to miss it that as well. Take care my friend!


I am impressed, but not surprised that you are so passionate about your feelings for something that you believe in. Something or someone.
Take care, I am proud of you.


Sounds like you had a great time!!


Brian - It was an exciting time. I wrote on my blog that I was just slightly envious of you (and Matt!) not having to worry about whether you'd be making it in or not. Leanna and I just barely made it after waiting with what must have been the other 15000 or so people outside who didn't get in right away! I've been impressed with the direction he has pointed his life and being such a good communicator certainly helps. Icing on the cake was the autograph! I couldn't help but feel the same as you, that this was an historic occasion and I was happy to be a part of it.

Gordon Rhodes

Rhea...sounds amazing!!! I can't believe how close you I know why when you called me, I could hear him through your phone so well. Very exciting for sure. I am curious about the general election.


I'm sorry I'm just now reading this--how exciting though! Nobody deserved to be that close to the podium more than you! Your link to his '06 speech and the comments you made...I'm starting to wonder if you have an ability to see the future =).

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