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August 10, 2007



What a fantastic vacation for you two. So glad yall had a good time & everything went well. The pics are absolutely beautiful. Can't wait for the next round.


Oh my, that brings back memories of some of our vintures. A 6 month pregnant woman hiking!! Good for you Laura, it will make labor easier I was told. :)
Sounds like you were enjoying your trip, tho behind schedule. Hurry with the next installment. The pictures are beautiful. Love you.


chartreuse with envy, my friend. very cool.

Brian Rhea


First, wouldn't have even needed to see who left the comment to know that "chartreuse with..." has Jay Asp written all over it.

Second, if one of us has something to be chartreuse about, it's me for not having a 'stache as rad as yours:


Do you remember driving past Wellington about 30 miles south of Witchia Kansas? That is where Grandma was born and raised. Just a few miles south in Oklahoma you went past Blackwell where Grandpa grew up. That has to be the flatest land in the world, I still remember making that trip when I was a kid. Google maps does not have enough detail to see if the houses were still there or not. Oh well.


WOW...these are, in my humble opinion, and I've taken a few "nature" shots, some of the best nature photography I've seen. I already know what I want for Christmas...a few of those blown up! No kidding! Hopefully you took them or still have the originals at a higher pixel rate than what I can snatch off Picasa? I really do like them, and you all have a real gift for "seeing" the beauty in mother nature. Thanks for sharing your stories and pics, and poems.

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