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April 03, 2006



the whole daylight savings time thing is for the birds. indiana doesnt do it, and we should all follow their example.


I love it when it is 8:30p and still light outside... I wish they would just leave it tha way. Mema is glad the Rangers season has started. I'll bet she watches it tonight also.

Laura Ann

You don't have to stay up for it-- just celebrate at 1:02 p.m. in the afternoon!! ;)And then wait 100 years for it to happen again -- too cool!I'm with you Shailen...I was in a total funk all day yesterday from the time change! no me gusta!

Brian Rhea

:) I hear ya on the 1:02 p.m., but in military time that would be 13:02. And don't we all mentally convert to military time anyway?No? Well, then 1:02 p.m. it is.


AM or PM... I could probably do either one!!! :)


I HATE the time change in the always takes me a week to adjust in the mornings :) Now the Fall time change I have no problem with ;) So I'm with Shailen and Laura on this one.


Shailen, you are wrong. I am told that Indiana changed their time this year. My sister lives up there, she should know.I am with Denise, I love it, sure did get sleepy in church tho.


dang it, and all this time i thought we had a role model on which to base our change. I agree though, i'm happy having more daylight, i just wish it would stay like this forever!

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